Registered Nurses From India

New Zealand Life

New Zealand has a burgeoning economy, which creates an environment of work opportunities and collaboration in the Kiwi spirit. Life is for living, and while New Zealanders work hard at their jobs, employers recognise the importance of work-life balance. New Zealanders enjoy an extraordinary way of life with a ton of open air and exercises incorporating activities like skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, surfing, Mountain biking, and so on.

New Zealand Healthcare Industry

New Zealand’s healthcare system is generally high-performing. It is affordable, and access to doctors and medical care is typically easy. New Zealand residents and some work visa holders benefit from a public health system that is free or low cost, thanks to heavy government subsidies. Non-residents can also use healthcare services at a cost.

Nurses Requirement in New Zealand

New Zealand government estimates the healthcare sector, consisting of 220 hospitals and 20 District Health Boards. The Immigration New Zealand website states that to avoid shortages of registered nurses in hospitals, they require about 25,000 extra Nurses by 2030.


Salary for RN in New Zealand

Salaries in New Zealand for registered nurses are generally impressive, the average annual earning of an experienced Registered Nurse in New Zealand is NZ$ 70,000 (INR. 35,00000) 

Registered nurses with three to seven years’ experience usually earn $62,000 to $77,000. Senior registered nurses with more experience and responsibility usually earn $79,000 to $130,000.

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